About FirefoxApp.net

Ok, what do we all need from the internet browser? We want it to be fast, safe, and reliable. All these features are available with Firefox, one of the most popular browsers on the planet. Firefox can be called a pioneer in many aspects.

Did you know that Firefox:

  • was at first the experimental branch of Mozilla?
  • was the first browser that started to offer themes an add-ons which help you customize your browser look?
  • 4 billion add-ons were downloaded by users?
  • was the first browser started using 3D technologies in browser gaming?
  • logo symbolizes speed and world-wide access to Internet?
  • is available on all of the PC and smartphone OS?
  • was the first browser that brought Ad Blocker?
  • is developer-friendly browser due to a set of useful tools to use when editing and debugging HTML, CSS, and JavaScript?
  • is VR-compatible from the Firefox 5S version?

There are definitely much more facts to know about Firefox. Discover them all by using one the safest and the most user-friendly browser ever!